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Objectif: 500 000 000 CFA


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Objectif: 500 000 000 CFA

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E-commerce 2.0

E-COMMERCE 2.0 is a two-part project, which essentially sells products of all kinds online around the world. The main objective of e-commerce 2.0 is to become the leader in Africa in online sales, but also to scratch a share of the billions of dollars represented by the European, American and Asian markets thanks to Dropshipping (e-commerce without physical stock).

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The two Project Components

E-commerce 2.0

The components of the project to be implemented are as follows:


AfroMarket is an e-shop, an online commerce company that will be present on the African market and which connects sellers and buyers, by providing them with an online sales platform, a logistics service allowing shipping and delivery of parcels and a payment system bringing together more than 154 different means of payment worldwide. AfroMarket aims to become the “African Amazon” and thus create the largest e-merchant community in Africa.


DropEcom DropEcom is a Dropshipping company present on the European and American market. And unlike the AfroMarket project, Dropshipping is about the absence of stock and logistics. As a seller, we will not store any products and at no time will we manage deliveries. It will be up to the supplier or wholesaler to take care of this. DropEcom acts as an intermediary between the Chinese supplier and the European and American buyer and realizes added value.

E-Commerce market

   According to the international financial company SFI, the number of online shoppers in Africa has increased by 18% per year since 2014, and in 2020 the size of the African e-commerce market is estimated at $20 billion or 11,000,000,000,000 FCFA. . The study conducted in partnership with the consulting firm Kantar Public provides information on the fact that the value of the African e-commerce market could increase by $15 billion, or 8,250,000,000,000 FCFA between 2025 and 2030. In December 2020, the Market French which is the main target of our Dropshipping represented 112 billion pounds or 72,800,000,000,000 FCFA.






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Frequently Asked Questions

To encourage the E-COMMERCE 2.0 project, there are two ways to participate. You can either buy shares or make a donation to encourage the project E-COMMERCE. To buy shares, simply go to the site, connect to your account (create beforehand) , click on ‟buy sharesˮ, and then follow the procedure. To make a donation, simply connact us at this number 690874256

It is possible for anyone wishing to become a seller shares, this to cover a larger space in Africa and the world in general.

  • Commission on sales:
    Any seller will get 10% commission on a sale made. The commission in question is paid by the buyer (see example of vendor grid in the documentation of the site). Every salesman is held to the respect of the fixed percentage of commission.
  • Conditions to become sellers:
    • Pay a minimum deposit of 150 000 FCFA corresponding to the maximum number of shares that can sell it. This deposit is renewable at will by a seller.
    • To have bought in the company a minimum of shares of 30 000 FCFA.
A seller may at any time withdraw his deposit and withdraw his status as a seller.
Note: Any seller who exceeds 10% commission, will be suspended and his account frozen.

a contract for each shareholder is visible in the 'user profile' menu as soon as shares are purchased. To view and download it, you must click on 'Certificate'.

The referral program works using your referral link. You get 10% bonus for any purchase made by someone you referred. Sponsorship is taken into account if the new investor creates an account on the platform using your referral link. The referral link of each user is available in his profile. You can share it on faceboock or send directly to your loved ones.

For your forgotten password, send us an email at '' mentioning your name, email address, and telephone number, so that your password can be reset

The different phases

Our phases

Phases Beginning Shares
Phase 1 Début le 20 Juillet 2022 250 FCFA
Phase 2 Début le 20 Octobre 2022 500 FCFA
Phase 3 Début Début le 20 Janvier 2023 1000 FCFA
Phase 4 Début le 20 Avril 2023 2000 FCFA
Phase 5 Début le 20 Juillet 2023 4000 FCFA
Phase 6 Début le 1er Septembre 2023 6000 FCFA
Phase 7 Début le 20 Décembre 2023 8000 FCFA
Phase 8 Début le 1er Février 2024 10000 FCFA
Phase 9 Début le 1er Avril 2024 12500 FCFA
Phase 10 Début le 20 Juillet 2024 15000 FCFA
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